Bike garage and workshop. A hearty sportsman’s breakfast. Laundry service. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic hoteliers. Enjoy our top service as a certified GraubündenBike hotel.


As mountainbikers have special holiday accommodation needs they greatly appreciate the snug comfort to be found at each bike hotel. These hotels are located along bike routes and trails and after a hard day in the saddle you will find everything here that you could wish for.


Trail building? We’ve been doing this in Graubünden for centuries. After all, you can’t weave a network of paths 17,000 kilometers long just overnight. And the good news for all bikers is: in Graubünden any path is a bike trail too – all of them are rideable. So come to the largest holiday region in Switzerland to experience an unforgettable biking holiday with a lot of flow and impressive mountain panoramas.


Mountain bike tours in the Davos region…

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