Studio Grigio

The bar including roof terrace is open on Saturday from 17 in the evening until 23 o'clock.

The restaurant in Studio Grigio is closed during the summer.

Group bookings are possible.

Design Concept

Boasting a private dining area, a cosy lounge with an interactive bar table as well as an elegant cigar lounge, Studio Grigio offers everything to elevate dining to a new art of indulgence. In the top-class restaurant, designed by Henry Chebaane from Blue Sky Hospitality, guests are charmed by decor in different shades of grey and exciting high-tech details. The studio’s art gallery features an eclectic and engaging collection from a broad range of artists spanning centuries, from across the world. This includes sculptures inspired by the hare of Albrecht Dürer, the ermine from Da Vinci and the alien from H.R. Giger.


To eat

Treat your taste buds to something special with our Chef's Choice Menu with nine courses - or combine them yourself with an à la carte "My Choice Menu". There are nine different courses and six vegetarian courses to choose from.


To drink

Our wine experts carefully select the right wine from our range of high-quality international wines, which harmonises ideally with our cosmopolitan menus. Of course, there is also the possibility to choose the menu with our sophisticated to combine studio cocktails.