Every Saturday evening the “Alpine Churrasco BBQ Evening” is celebrated in the Capricorn Restaurant – an alpine interpreted Brazilian speciality, which has nothing to do with traditional barbeque, but opens up new perspectives for real grill enthusiasts! About one hour before the barbecue begins, the selected beef, chicken, pork, lamb or shrimp pieces are given a spicy marinade and
are sprinkled with salt or alpine herbs, which are later removed again. The Churrasco is then grilled hot on skewers, cut into smaller pieces and served directly at the table by the chef. A variety of side dishes are available at the buffet. In addition to the various potato side dishes, you will also find grilled corn, polenta, many vegetable side dishes or various salads.

– Churrasco BBQ (Brazilian BBQ), served at the table and in buffet style.
– Location: Capricorn
– Time: Saturday, 18.30 to 22.00 o’clock (except 13 July 2019)
– Price: CHF 68 per person, à discretion, without drinks