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Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland is a luxury Swiss skincare brand that combines Jacqueline Piotaz’s twenty-five plus years in Swiss skincare with the regenerative properties of Alpine plants to maintain, care and nourish the skin. We extract stem cells from these rare plants to craft high-performing, sustainable products.

When Jacqueline discovered her grandmother’s long-lost leather-bound recipe book that contained incredible skincare remedies. Jacqueline attempted to produce these formulas, but most of these precious plant species were now rare and protected. It was years later when Swiss scientists developed techniques to cultivate plant stem cells, processes that do not harm the source plants and allowed them to be reproduced, that Jacqueline Piotaz was able to recreate her grandmother’s precious formulas.


As the worldwide leading brand for nail polish and professional hands and feet care products, OPI is committed to providing high-quality products and services to both salons and their customers, along with a focus on industry safety and innovation. With exceptional formulas, fashionable colors, and iconic names, OPI lacquers are long lasting – offering an affordable luxury to consumers. Today OPI nail lacquer is available in more than 250 shades. Classic nail lacquer, Infinite Shine (a no UV light three-step gel lacquer system offering brilliant shine) as well as GelColor (the pure OPI extra long wear and shine nail gel), contain neither phthalates (DBP), nor toluene or formaldehyde and are not tested on animals.

OPI treatments at Intercontinental Davos Alpine Spa:
  • EXPRESS MANICURE 25 minutes 60 CHF
  • EXPRESS PEDICURE 25 minutes 60 CHF
  • CLASSIC MANICURE 50 minutes 100 CHF
  • CLASSIC PEDICURE 60 minutes 120 CHF
  • INFINITE SHINE no extra time 15 CHF

Aromatherapy Associates London

For more than 30 years Aromatherapy Associates, a truly British brand, has been specialising in harnessing the natural healing powers of the finest natural ingredients, purest extracts and essential oils to include in our products and treatments. Combined with many years of experience as therapists we have seen firsthand how essential oils have effectively enhanced the state of people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our renowned and award-winning products and treatments have transformed the therapeutic aromatherapy experience into something highly effective yet luxurious and exceptional.

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